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  • CPU:Sitara™ ARM® Cortex®-A15, ARM® Cortex®-M4 AM572x
  • 2GB 16bit DDR3/3L SDRAMs
  • 16GB eMMC
  • 32MB QSPI flash



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Som-am572x is a small and powerful core board, which is based on Ti Sitara am572x series high performance chip design, through multi-core heterogeneous processing scheme, programmable multimedia processing and ultra high speed data communication interface.

Som-am572x core board can lead out the main resource signals of the chip, realize FPGA communication through GPMC bus interface, and support efficient high-speed data acquisition and processing. Due to its flexible interface and powerful performance, som-am572x core board is widely used in industrial automation control, human-machine interface (HMI), machine vision processing, intelligent transportation, VR / AR and other high-performance applications.

We have designed a mature baseboard bb-am5728 for som-am572x, which can be firmly combined through four 2 * 40pin board to board connectors. The baseboard supports commercial and industrial environmental applications, and has completed a series of certification. Once the debugging is completed, it can be directly put into use, which greatly shortens the development time and reduces the R & D cost for enterprises.

SOM-AM572x 核心板

SOM-AM572x 核心板

SOM-AM572x 核心板

Hardware features:


Som-am572x core board uses amx and am572x Sitara of Ti Sitara series ™ Processor is arm application processor, which aims to meet the intensive processing requirements of modern embedded products. Am572x device can achieve high processing performance through its flexible fully integrated hybrid processor solution. In addition, these devices not only have programmable video processing function, but also integrate highly integrated peripheral set. Each am572x device has encryption acceleration function. Dual core arm? Cortex? – A15 RISC CPU with arm? Neon ™ The extension and two Ti c66x VLIW floating-point DSP cores and vision acceleration PAC (with 4 Eve) provide programmability. With arm, developers can separate control functions from other algorithms programmed on DSP and coprocessor, thus reducing the complexity of system software. In addition, Ti provides a set of development tools for arm and c66x DSP, including C language compiler, DSP assembly optimizer to simplify programming and scheduling, debugging interface to view the execution of source code, etc.

  • Dual core arm? Cortex? – A15 microprocessor subsystem with dominant frequency up to 1.5GHz

  • Up to 2 c66x floating point VLIW DSPs: object code fully compatible with C67x and C64x +, up to 32 16 x 16 bit fixed point multiplications per cycle

  • Two DDR3 / ddr3l memory interface (EMIF) modules: support up to ddr3-1066, each EMIF can support up to 2GB

  • Two dual arm? Cortex? – M4 coprocessors (ipu1 and ipu2)

  • Up to four embedded vision engines (EVE)

  • Iva-hd subsystem: 4K @ 15fps encoding and decoding support for H.264 codec, other codecs up to 1080p60

  • Display subsystem: Full HD video (1920 × 1080p, 60fps), multiple video inputs and outputs, 2D and 3D graphics, display controller with DMA engine and up to 3 pipelines, HDMI encoder: compatible with HDMI 1.4A and DVI 1.0

  • Two dual core programmable real time units and industrial communication subsystem (pru-icss)

  • 2D graphics accelerator (bb2d) subsystem

  • Video processing engine (VPE)

  • Dual core powervr? Sgx544 ™  3D GPU

  • Encryption hardware accelerators: AES, Sha, RNG, DES and 3DES

   Processor Datasheet

  On board storage: 

  • 2GB 16bit DDR3/3L SDRAMs

  • 16GB eMMC

  • 32MB QSPI flash

  • On chip L3 ram up to 2.5Mb

  Onboard I / O interface:

Serial Communication

  •  UART * 6

  •  SPI * 2

  •  I2C * 3

  •  CAN * 2

High speed communication interface:

  • USB 2.0 * 1, USB 3.0 * 1

  • PCIE * 1

  • SATA * 1

  • GPMC * 1


  • 24-bit LCD video input * 1,8-bit video input * 1

  • HDMI 1.4a interface * 1,24-bit LCD video output * 1

  • McASP * 2

Other Peripherals

  • JTAG interface

  • GPIO * 20

  • MMC interface * 2

  • 10M/100M/1000M RGMII * 2

  • LED * 2

  • PWM * 4


SOM-AM572x 核心板

 Electrical parameters:

  • Working temperature: industrial grade: – 40 ° C ~ 85 ° C; commercial grade: 0 ~ 70 ° C;

  • Power supply voltage: provide 5V power supply voltage, onboard power management

  • Operating humidity: 20% – 90% (no condensation)

  • PCB specification: 70.0 mm x 55.0 mm

  • PCB layer:12

Matching evaluation base plate em-tf-bb-am5728

Em-tf-bb-am5728 is a self-developed em-tf-som-am5728 core board, which is designed with 4-layer PCB. The whole system is oriented to medical instruments, video surveillance, industrial control, communication and other fields. It is an evaluation board based on Ti am572x series SOC. In the compact design, em-tf-bb-am5728 provides rich peripheral interface resources for em-tf-som-am5728 (Gigabit Ethernet interface, USB interface, HDMI interface, audio interface, PCIe interface, mini PCIe interface, msata interface, LCD interface, camera interface, micro SD card, can interface, RS485, Dido interface). In addition, GPMC, SPI, I2C, UART, GPIO and other interfaces are led out through 25×2 and 20×2 double row pins respectively to meet the needs of customer evaluation, with flexible customization.


SOM-AM572x 核心板

Interface diagram

SOM-AM572x 核心板

Electrical characteristics

  • Working temperature: – 20 ~ 85 ° C
  • Power supply: 7-28v (wide range power input)/ 12V@2A (power adapter)
  • Working humidity: 20% – 90% (no condensation)


  • 2X round hole DC power interface + 1x2pin 3.81mm Phoenix terminal
  • 2X Gigabit Ethernet interface (RJ45 interface)
  • 2X USB2.0 host high speed transmission interface

High speed transmission interface of 1 x USB3.0 host

  • 1 x HDMI interface
  • 1X line out interface
  • 1 x mic interface
  • 1X SIM card interface
  • 1X pciex4 interface
  • 2X Mini PCI interface
  • 1 x debug serial port (Mini USB interface)
  • 2X RS485 interface
  • 2X can interface
  • 2X parallel 8-bit digital camera interface
  • 1 x LCD interface (with I2C / USB2.0 touch interface)
  • 2 xdido interface

Interface of TF Card

  • 2X 25 pin GPMC interface
  • 2X 20 pin extension interface (extending SPI, I2C, UART and other signals)
  • 2X user defined keys
  • 1 x reset button
  • 2X boot dial switch
  • 1xrtc battery interface
  • 1x2pin core board cooling fan interface


Software features:

Linux software function list:

  • U-Boot version: 2017.01
  • Kernel version: 4.9.28
  • Evaluaton image Arago
  • Qt 5.5.1 Library
  • MatrixBox desktop demo
  • eMMC(default)or Micro SD boot
  • LCD /LVDS and HDMI display
  • Audio output & Micphone
  • HDMI audio output
  • 2 Gigabit Ethernet (RJ45)
  • 2 CAN port
  • 2 high-speed USB2.0 Host and 1 usb3.0 Host
  • 2RS485 port and 1 USB-UART debug port
  • External interfaces (I2CX. UART,SPI ,SATA,PCIE and GPIO)
  • RTC clock
  • WIFI(2.4G/5G)& Bluetooth BR/EDR/BLE
  • 12 bit digital camera
  • 4G

List of software documents:

Document name Document description
EM-TF-EVK-AM5728-ReleaseNote-Vxx.pdf Release Note
EM-TF-EVK-AM5728-UserManual-Vxx.pdf User Manual
EM-TF-EVK-AM5728-DevelopmentGuide-Vxx.pdf Development Guide

Software source list:

Linux Source code Source code description
linux_4.9.28_xxx.gz Linux kernel source code: 4.9.28 version
u-boot_2017.01._xxx.tar.gz u-boot source code: 2015.04

Software image:

LinuxShipmentImage Description
EM-TF-EVK-AM5728-TI-ShipmentImage-SDCard-Vxx.rar Arago image with firmwares, SD Card Image
EM-TF-EVK-AM5728-TI-ShipmentImage-EMMC-Vxxx.rar Arago image with firmwares, EMMC Image

Linux tools:

Linux Tools Description
gcc-linaro-6.2.1-2016.11-x86_64_arm-linux-gnueabi.tar.xz Gcc compiler for u-boot, kernel and applications


  • Industrial HMI

  • Industrial automation / smart factory

  • Building automation / intelligent building

  • machine vision

  • Medical imaging / fluoroscopy

  • Measurement and testing


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