PCBA Quality Assurance

  • Raw Materials

    Material channels, laser steel mesh, Senju Metal Industry solder paste

  • Equipment

    Fuji Pick & Place Machine, AOI, 3D X-Ray, FAI

  • System

    TUV Rheinland Certificate,First Inspection, Furnace Temperature Curve

  • Staff

    Senior Managment Team of skilled workers

Typical Arrangement of our partner facilities Factory SMT Line

  • Automatic Mounting Machine

    Accuracy: Printing accuracy ±0.025mm
    Screen frame size: 470*380-900*900mm
    PCB size: 50*50- 610*600mm
    PCB thickness: 0.4-5mm,
    high precision and high stability

  • SPI-Automatic 3D Solder Paste Printing Machine

    Measurement principle: 3D white light PSLM PMP Bad detection types: missing printing, less tin, more tin, even tin, Deviation, bad shape, surface pollution Maximum PCB board size: M size :X330*Y250mm L size: X510 * Y505mm

  • FUJI NXT III SMT Machine

    Can be mounted 01005, 0201, 0402 and other devices Can mount the next generation of 03015 ultraprecision devices The component mounting capacity of a single module is up to 37500CPH The latest generation of high-speed modules imported from Japan

  • FUJI AIMEX SMT Machine

    Pasting minimum package: 03015 Number of stickers: 35000CPH PCB size: 48*48mm- 774*710mm Chip precision: minimum device precision ±0.034mm IC chip precision ±0.025mm

  • FUJI XPF SMT Machine

    Pasting minimum package: 01005 Chip/0.35mm BGA Patch PCB thickness: 0.3- 6.5mm PCB size: 50*50mm- 686*508mm Chip precision: minimum device precision ±0.04mm IC chip precision ±0.03mm

  • Lead-free 12- temperature-zone Reflow Furnace

    Number of heating zones: upper/lower 12 temperature zones Heating time: about 30 minutes PCB board temperature distribution deviation: < 1.5℃ Maximum width of PCB: 610mm

  • AOI

    PCB size: 630*520mm PCB thickness: 0.5-5.0mm PCB component height: upper :35mm lower :110mm PCB warping degree: bending less than 3mm is acceptable

  • 3D X-RAY

    Maximum sample size: 800*500mm Number of PCT production photos: 360 Number of PHOTOS produced by ACT :1500- 1800 Resolution: 0.75um minimum

Production Line

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PCBA Factory Equipment

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Quality Control

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–High quality and phenomenal reliability in electronic manufacturing.
–Customize your SOM or build your carrier board using EMTOP manufacturing services.
–Production throughput of nearly one million Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBAs) at our partner facilities.
–Providing one-stop service including SMT, DIP soldering, assembly and testing with brand-new FUJI SMT mounters, 3D X-RAY, 3D SPI.
–Intelligent first piece detectors and  various high-end equipment imported from Germany.
–Our assembly factories are dedicated to producing high-quality R&D prototypes as well as small & medium batch production services.