MaaXBoard-Nano,NXP i.MX8M NANO SBC

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Product introduction

Maaxboard nano is an embedded single board computer for embedded consumer electronics and industrial applications. It is equipped with NXP advanced multi-core heterogeneous processor i.MX 8m nano. It has 4-core arm cortex-a53 and single core cortex-m7. GPU supports opengl3.1 and opencl1.2. It has advantages in video and image processing. In the compact design, maaxboard nano provides abundant peripheral interface resources, including Gigabit Ethernet interface, USB2.0 interface, mipi-dsi interface, mipi-csi interface, micro SD card, UART, GPIO, WiFi / BT, audio output (headset), etc.

MaaXBoard Nano,基于NXP i.MX 8M Nano处理器的单板机

MaaXBoard Nano

Different from the previous two generations of maaxboard, the processor NXP i.MX 8m nano used by maaxboard nano is responsible for real-time processing, and the auxiliary core is upgraded from cortex-m4 to cortex-m7. The following figure shows the system architecture of maaxboard nano processor.

MaaXBoard Nano - 2GB RAM|4核i.MX 8M Nano|单板机SBC

 MaaXBoard Nano处理器 , i.MX 8M Nano System Diagram

Maaxboard nano can provide cost-effective integrated performance experience for intelligent interconnected energy-saving applications such as graphics, vision, voice control, intelligent sensing and general processing. Compatible with processor pins of maaxboard mini, it has strong scalability.

Like the maaxboard mini, the processor i.MX 8m nano of maaxboard nano is manufactured with mature and reliable 14lpc FinFET technology, which continues to bring performance and power efficiency to the mainstream embedded market.

Maaxboard nano has commercial and industrial level certification and is supported by NXP’s product life plan. It can be used in any general industrial and Internet of things applications.


The system block diagram of maaxboard nano is as follows:

MaaXBoard Nano - 2GB RAM|4核i.MX 8M Nano|单板机SBC

System block diagram of maaxboard nano


Maaxboard nano interface diagram:

MaaXBoard Nano - 2GB RAM|4核i.MX 8M Nano|单板机SBC

Hardware features

CPU multi-core processing:

  • Four cortex-a53 core platforms, operating at 1.5GHz per core

  • 32 KB l1-i cache / 32 KB l1-d cache

  • 512 KB L2 cache

  • 1 cortex-m7 core, up to 750MHz

  • 512 KB on chip RAM (ocram)



  • 3D GPU (2 shaders, OpenGL? Es2.0 / 3.0 / 3.1, OpenCL ™  1.2, Vulkan®)

Onboard storage:

  • 1GB/2GB DDR4

Electrical characteristics

Working temperature: 0 ~ 70 ° C (external cooling support is required when CPU is loaded heavily)

Power supply: 5V / 3A (power adapter reference)

Working humidity: 20% – 90% (no condensation)

Motherboard size: 85 mm × 55 mm

PCB specification: 8-layer board design

communication interface

  • 1 x 40pin IO port (extended I2C SPI UART I2S)

  • 1 x Mipi CSI camera interface (4 channels), with phy

  • 1 Mipi DSI display interface (4 channels), with phy

  • 1 x Gigabit Ethernet interface (RJ45 interface)

  • 4 x USB 2.0 host high speed transmission interface

  • 1 x TF card interface

  • 1 x audio output

  • 1 x power interface (USB type C connector)

  • 1 x power button

  • 1 x user key

  • 1 x Wi Fi / BT module can support WiFi 2.4g/5g band and Bluetooth 50 standard

  • 2 x user LED

Shipping list:

  • 1X maaxboard nano single board computer


Development user provided:

  • 1 x USB to serial cable (TTL)

  • 1 x 1000 MB network cable

  • 1X camera module

  • 1X Mipi DSI module

  • 1 x 5V / 3A power supply (type C interface)

  • Other tools needed to implement related functions


Software features:

Maaxboard nano supports Linux yocto Lite, which can be downloaded from the resource download area. The functions of the software package are as follows:

  • Yocto version: zeus (3.0.4), based on NXP SDK version: imx-5.4.24-2.1.0

  • U-Boot version: 2020.04

  • Kernel version: 5.4.24

  • Evaluation image: Yocto Lite Image

  • Development based on NXP i.MX 8M Nano

  • Micro SD boot

  • eMMC boot

  • 1 Gigabit Ethernet (RJ45)

  • 4 x USB 2.0 Host

  • 2 UART (TTL) include debug port

  • External interfaces(I2C, UART,SPI and GPIO)

  • WIFI & BLE 4.2

  • MIPI-DSI display

  • MIPI camera/USB Camera

application area

  • Smart home

  • Display monitoring

  • Intelligent lighting

  • Voice control

  • Industrial control

  • Intelligent power supply


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