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$146.00 - $149.00

Feature summary:

  • -based tmel AT91SAM9G45 (ARM 926EJ-STM, main frequency 400MHz) industrial processor
  • -On-board 256MB DDR2 SDRAM, 256MB NandFlash, 4MB DataFlash
  • -Compatible with Atmel AT91SAM9M10 processor
  • -External Expanded Precision RTC
  • -Extend LVDS signal to support large LCD
  • -Pre-installed Linux 2.6.30, WinCE 6.0 operating systems, provide related peripheral driver source code and test programs
  • Provide PCB&Schamatic Design Files for verified Customer
  • -It can work steadily at a wide temperature ranging from -40 ~85 C to meet the needs of industrial applications




$209.00 - $219.00


  • ATMEL at91sam9g45 (arm 926ej-stm, main frequency 400MHz) industrial chip, compatible with at91sam9m10processor

  • 128MB DDR2 SDRAM, 256MB nandflash, 4MB DataFlash on board

  • External expansion precision RTC, support multiple sizes of LCD display, CPU support maximum resolution 1280 * 860

  • On board 5-way serial port (com2 as RS485), 1-way can bus interface, 1-way road network interface, and support a variety of communication modes

  • One SPI bus, one IIC bus, one PWM signal and one 10bit ADC are expanded

  • Support Linux 2.6.30/wince 6.0 operating system, and provide all on-board peripheral driver instructions and related test procedures

Provide PCB&Schamatic Design Files for verified Customer