• SOM-TL6678F


Part Number DSP Nand Flash DDR3
FPGA Working Temp
SOM-TL6678F-1000/325T-1GD-8/4GD-I 1GHZ/Core 128Mbyte 1GByte/512MByte XC7K325T Industrial
SOM-TL6678F-1250/325T-1GD-16/8GD-I 1.25GHZ/Core 128Mbyte 2GByte/512MByte XC7K325T Industrial





S TYPE:SOM-TL6678F-1000/325T-1GD-8/4GD-I-A2, A TYPE:SOM-TL6678F-1250/325T-1GD-16/8GD-I-A2

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