Beagleboard Black,Rev C
  • Beagleboard Black,Rev C
  • Beagleboard Black,Rev C
The BBONE-BLACK-4G is a BeagleBone Black development kit for developers and avid hobbyist. It is a lower cost, high expansion focused BeagleBoard using a low cost Sitara AM3358BZCZ100 Cortex A8 ARM processor from Texas Instruments. The board boots Linux in under 10sec and the user can get started on development in less than 5min with just a single USB cable. It is similar to the Beaglebone, but with some features removed and some features added.
  • USB client for power and communications
  • 2 x 46 pin headers
  • USB host interface
  • Ethernet and HDMI interface
  • 512MB DDR3 RAM
  • 4GB 8bit eMMC on board flash storage
  • Optional on board 20 pin CTI JTAG, serial header
  • Most BeagleBone capes are cross compatible


Robotics, Motor Drive & Control, Communications & Networking, Hobby & Education


BB Black board, Mini USB to USB type A cable, Instruction card


Warranted against defects in materials & workmanship for period of 90 days from purchase, doesn’t cover problems such as improper use, modifications, exposure to water, excessive voltages, accidents.


Do not apply voltage to any I/O pin when power is not supplied to the board. it will damage the processor.

Beaglebone Black, Beaglebone Black Industrial, BB Blue, BB Wireless, Beagle Pocket

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